Our goal is to be the world’s leading provider of the most comprehensive retail applications for real-time omni-channel business.

Therefore, it is our goal to deliver the most innovative and flexible retail solutions to enable our customers to successfully operate against the competition.

As a leader in innovation, technology and quality, we develop our solutions with the highest demands, tap into new markets and assume a lasting pioneering role in the introduction of modern technologies within the retail environment.

Our market success is based on the scope and quality of our solutions portfolio as well as our powerful corporate structure with which we can implement major international projects in no time.

Omni-channel focus

We see the store as the most important place that determines the competitiveness of retail companies in the future. The comprehensive mapping of all store-related processes is therefore the focus of our solution portfolio. At the same time, the store is increasingly embedded in an overall concept with all other sales channels, social media and other players. We have thus developed our solution portfolio to provide a comprehensive technology platform on which our customers can implement their individual omni-channel strategies.


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