Thanks to its consistent use of Advanced Business Components (ABC) technology, GK/Retail represents unlimited scalability. This leaves retailers free to decide which components they want to use centrally and which should remain at store level in order to maximize their cost savings through IT architecture.

GK/Retail is the first solution to allow the branch-level architecture to be fully centralized. This enables store servers to be relocated to the retail headquarters, which opens up enormous opportunities with regard to hardware, service and technical support. At the same time branch-level complexity is reduced and stores are relieved of the burden of IT systems, without any negative impact on store employees’ day-to-day activities.

  • The Lean Store Server enables the use of high-performance systems within the retail headquarters. This significantly reduces service and support costs, simplifies the IT landscape and results in a lower long-term TCO.

  • The Business Continuity technology ensures that the branch-level systems can continue to operate even if they are offline without any restrictions to in-store functionality. As soon as the online connection is restored, the data is automatically synchronized with the central server.


GK/Retail's Lean Store technology reduces limitations within stores, considerably simplifies support activities and results in consistently lower maintenance costs..


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