As a result of state-of-the-art technology, high-performance hardware and ever-growing internet connectivity, cloud solutions are becoming an increasingly familiar sight in the traditional store-level IT landscape and they offer a tremendous range of benefits.

For one, they relieve much of the need for IT expertise in your stores and headquarters since specific IT issues are solved by dedicated specialists. Storing the main part of the store solution in the data center – the retailer’s ‘private cloud’ – considerably reduces store-level complexity, thus simplifying local operations and lowering servicing and maintenance costs.

With the GK-in-the-Cloud solution, the GK/Retail Business Suite offers each of the advantages outlined above. All of its fundamental components are consistently configured with cloud use in mind. Moreover, the architecture of GK in the Cloud enables clients to benefit from a modular use of the solution components depending on their own IT landscape. Hence, an application or server component does not have to be housed in the same location that a particular functionality is required – yet local users do not notice any difference in terms of performance.

Since it is essential for retailers to be able to rely on the system stability of business-critical applications in their stores, GK SOFTWARE AG has developed secure mechanisms and slim GK Smart Clients to meet these needs. As long as the GK Smart Clients are online, all processes are performed directly in the cloud on the central servers. An end-user device, such as a tablet, serves merely as a data-input and visualization medium. However, the Smart Clients can also be used in offline mode without network connectivity. In this case, all data is saved and automatically transferred to the systems in the cloud as soon as the device connects to the network again.

The compatibility of the latest GK solutions with cloud use and with the SAP HANA in-memory technology enables requests and processes to be handled and completed extremely rapidly and also independently of a particular channel. Hence, the solutions guarantee the necessary performance for real-time processes in omni-channel environments.


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