The GK/Retail Suite is ideally equipped to cope with the multitude of demands international retailers place on their software solutions. This makes GK/Retail the first choice for leading retail chains when implementing international projects to simplify their IT landscape. The 325,000 systems currently installed and operating in more than 60 countries stand testimony to this fact.

For GK/Retail, the integration of new countries is part of the standard process: a new country version is not treated as an exception, but instead is simply added into the standard software along with the other countries. This is made possible by effective, reusable frameworks for the areas of translation, fiscalization and electronic funds transfer (EFT). These standardized frameworks enable new countries to be integrated without any changes to the GK/Retail applications. Retailers benefit from GK SOFTWARE's extensive expertise on internationalization for a quicker time to market (TTM).

Moreover, there are no limits to the requirements GK/Retail can meet and the business processes it can support. If they are not already included in the standard version, GK/Retail can be quickly adapted to country-specific demands such as multiple languages, local tax laws, local EFT requirements, regionally controllable promotional activities or special price rounding rules for cash transactions.

The global head office can manage the parameterization and automatic distribution of software updates for any number of stores in an unlimited number of countries, which is a particular advantage for international retail organizations. This opens up new and unprecedented opportunities for managing extensive and complex store networks, and makes a significant contribution to reducing complexity and cutting costs. Therefore, the GK/Retail Business Suite is the perfect solution for internationally active retail chains.


  • GK/Retail is consistently based on open standards and can also be seamlessly integrated into complex IT landscapes.

  • GK/Retail is already in use in many different fiscal situations and its own fiscalization framework enables it to be quickly adapted to other countries.

  • GK/Retail is multilingual and the standard version can be set up to display any desired character sets.

  • The solution is already being used successfully by leading retail chains in more than 60 countries.