Thanks to GK/Retail, you require just one direct connection to each store. This enables you to replace the countless stand-alone in-store solutions with a single system that controls all data flows securely. Whether master data from the central ERP system, transaction data, configuration data or multimedia data, the highly reliable mechanisms of the GK Retail Bus take care of secure data flows to and from your stores – online and in real time.

GK/Retail enables you to combine all your in-store systems into one overarching solution, making parallel data flows with redundant data, overnight batch processes and time-consuming data consolidation a thing of the past. The GK/Retail infrastructure allows you to improve both the quality and the security of the data you exchange within a store and between stores/headquarters. The world-leading Store Device solution seamlessly links each in-store device into the overall system, from checkout to price-checker and from scales to digital-signage display.

The GK Retail Bus is the end-to-end integration platform covering all communication within your organization, including linking all customer touch points within an omni-channel context.