The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) generates innovative real-time scenarios exactly tailored to the needs of the retailer on the basis of artificial intelligence. The modular structure of the software allows the combination of various services including recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing in one customized, complete solution for omnichannel business. Many famous retailers use the personalization solution in, for example, their online shops (including mobile sites, apps and eReaders), newsletters, call centers, in-store and offline, e.g. as individual package inserts or catalogs.


prudsys RDE offers product and content recommendations at every touch point as well as highly relevant personalized search result lists. This unique customer experience enables retailers to maximise customer loyalty and earnings.

Marketing automation

The personalization solution makes reliable predictions about the customer’s behaviour in real time. prudsys RDE uses the prediction to generate the right incentive at the right time to optimise the conversion rate. By automatically selecting the perfect target group, the software solution also increases the probability of a response to marketing measures.

Dynamic pricing

prudsys RDE calculates the optimum price for millions of items at any time while taking into account all the relevant influencing factors. By automatically combining the product and price, the software solution also comes up with couponing solutions tailored to the interests of the customer to boost sales.

Benefits of the prudsys RDE
  • Real time: The software solution personalizes interactions across all channels in real time. This means a shopping experience of maximum personal relevance to every end customer, all the time.

  • Omnichannel personalization: prudsys RDE addresses customers personally at all touch points of the customer journey – online, on mobile sites and at the POS. A combination of customer behavior analysis and the generation of personalized content takes place across all channels in real time.

  • Integral approach: The software combines recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing components in one solution. Combining the modules allows retailers to optimally implement their personalization strategy.

  • Artificial intelligence: Intelligent algorithms are the heart of prudsys RDE. Using the core function principles of machine learning and reinforcement learning, they automatically learn personalization rules in real time and maximize the benefit of the system as a whole, e.g. sales or earnings.

  • Simple integration: The solution is implemented and configured quickly as a managed service or as software (on-premise). The personalization solution is compatible with every shop system and all mailing services.

  • High scalability: prudsys RDE is a high-performance solution that can process even huge volumes of data in an average time of 25 milliseconds. The software solution can, therefore, easily process product portfolios with several million items in real time.

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