GK/Retail Digital Content Management is a robust, centralized software solution for transmitting any content to any device across the entire retail organization.

GK/Retail Digital Content Management opens unlimited possibilities for engaging with customers and employees with any content throughout your organization – managed centrally and executed hyper-locally.


The GK/Retail Digital Content Management solution can manage content on a wide variety of in-store devices, from kiosks and self-checkout terminals to electronic shelf labels and shelf-mounted screens. As long as the devices are connected to the network, there are no limits to the possibilities for allocating and broadcasting digital content in stores.

The GK/Retail Digital Content Management solution can:

  • Manage any output device which is capable of either wired or wireless network communication – the broadcasting format is irrelevant.
  • Communicate across the entire store network using the existing GK/Retail transmission paths – eliminating the need for additional software solutions.
  • Update content automatically and at predefined times. Since system can manage several channels simultaneously, there are no limits to the number of output devices a network may contain.

For display on your customer-facing screens, GK/Retail Digital Content Management transmits the relevant promotional content to the POS. The system is also able to control different parts of the screen separately. For example, it can broadcast images or a film on one section of the screen while displaying various logos on another section.

Digital in-store media

GK/Retail Digital Content Management can communicate with any network-compatible in-store medium. Furthermore, different content can be transmitted to different areas of a store to maintain optimal content relevance and impact.