GK/Retail Enterprise Promotions Management is a complete solution for designing and managing company-wide promotions and special offers.

It empowers the retail headquarters to create all manner of promotional campaigns quickly and easily for the entire enterprise. The solution manages automatic distribution of the promotional campaigns and activates them at predefined times.

GK/Retail Enterprise Promotions Management makes promotions more valubale by:

  • Awarding points or granting discounts through your own loyalty card program and/or multi-retailer schemes – and execute the process entirely at the POS.
  • Coming standard with interfaces for leading loyalty programs such as Payback, Deutschland-Card or Lufthansa Miles & More.
  • Converting defined promotions automatically and rapidly, without the promotional items first having to be scanned or specially marked.

GK/Retail Enterprise Promotions Management is compatible with every ERP solution and easily integrates into existing IT landscapes.

Promotion Designer

The Promotion Designer is a powerful tool for creating and executing strategic promotions, with a drag & drop functionality that makes it easy to design new promotions.

Now you can trigger predefined promotions through:

  • Your own coupons
  • Manufacturers' coupons
  • Times of day
  • Loyalty cards
  • Employee passes

The Promotion Designer also features ready-made templates for traditional discount formats such as 3-for-2 offers, sets, mix & match combinations, the amount spent, or item/category-related purchases.

Multi Channel Loyalty Server

The Multi-Channel Loyalty Server is an optional extension to the GK/Retail Enterprise Promotions Management module that simplifies the handling of identical promotions, such as discounts or points in loyalty programs.

It is an ideal application for omni-channel retailers, allowing them to:

  • Apply the same rules in physical stores and online
  • Eliminate the inefficiency and costs of inputting the same data into several different systems in parallel
  • Create a consistent brand experience across channels, in real-time.