A New Core for the Stores

EDEKA Minden-Hannover Successfully Utilizes the GK/Retail Store Solution

Schöneck / February 18, 2008 – EDEKA Minden-Hannover has decided for the GK Software AG as technology partner for applications in the retail trade. Within five months only, the project was realized and was turned to live in the first branch stores. In addition to the POS solution, the centralization of the branch store servers and the StoreWeaver data hub form the core of the project.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover that is the biggest regional EDEKA trading company with about 1,500 markets has decided for the use of GK/Retail to unify its branch store IT. Beginning From January, the about 4,500 POS systems in the various sales lines such as E center, E neukauf, E aktiv, Marktkauf or Reichelt are fitted with GK/Retail in uniform manner. After the project start at the end of May 2007, the GK Software AG needed about five months only until the first markets in two different sales lines could their productive operation using the new solution in November.

Live with Central Branch Store Server

EDEKA Minden-Hannover belongs to the first customers that utilize the new Enterprise Store Server developed by the GK Software AG. Thus, the branch store servers are completely relocated into the head office and the branch stores online access these systems. To ensure the unobstructed operation even in case of mains failures, the GK Software AG's new Business Continuity Technology is used in the project. It guarantees that all subsystems in the branch store can be operated without any restrictions from within the head office even in case of data flow interruption.

Integration of Branch Store Subsystems through StoreWeaver

A particular challenge of the branch store project at EDEKA Minden-Hannover consists in the integration of the central SAP system and the branch store systems differently grown due their history. For example, via StoreWeaver, the new POS solution and the central BackOffice system have to be connected to various merchandise management solutions that are used in the different sales lines. At EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the StoreWeaver integration platform becomes the central hub via which all data streams within the branch store an between branch store and head office flow. For example, via the StoreWeaver, Vensafe or empties return automats as well as the central Data Warehouse and the cash register systems are supplied with data.

Gerhard Riechmann as managing director of the EDEKA Minden-Hannover IT-/logistic service GmbH understands the project as a big step toward a homogenous and up-to-date IT landscape in the EDEKA branch stores. EDEKA Minden-Hannover expects that considerable savings and a reduction of the complexity on site will be achieved by means of the central Bac

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