Our mission at GK Software is to be the world’s leading provider of the most comprehensive retail applications for real-time omni-channel business.

Therefore, it is our goal to deliver the most innovative and flexible solutions to enable our retailer customers to better serve their shoppers and successfully compete against other retailers.

As a leader in innovation, technology and quality, we develop superior solutions, tap into new markets and pioneer the introduction of modern technologies in the retail environment.

Our market success is based on the scope and quality of our solutions portfolio as well as our vast corporate network that allows us to successfully implement major international projects.

Omni-channel focus

As retail continues to evolve, we believe the store will continue to be the key touchpoint that determines the success of a retailer. The comprehensive mapping of all store-related processes is therefore the focus of our solution portfolio. At the same time, the store is increasingly part of a broader system of sales channels and customer touchpoints.

That is why our solution portfolio provides a comprehensive technology platform for retailers to implement winning omni-channel strategies.