November 23, 2022 | GK AIR Personalization Knowhow
5 min read

Personalization Acts as a Customer Magnet During Black Friday and Beyond

Black Friday is considered the starting signal for the annual holiday season. One day after Thanksgiving, retailers from various industries offer discounts on their products. This year, Black Friday falls on November 25. In this article, we explore which personalization use cases retailers employ to offer their customers a positive shopping experience and increase sales rates.

In 2021, according to the German Retail Association (HDE), the combined sales volume of Black Friday and Cyber Monday totaled 4.9 billion euros. This corresponds to a sales increase of 27% compared to the previous year. It will be exciting to see how sales will develop in 2022. Due to inflation and high energy prices, retailers are only cautiously optimistic.

In addition to Black Friday, many retailers are also focusing on Cyber Monday on November 28. Every year, retailers strive to wow consumers on these extraordinary discount days. For a successful shopping experience, personalized content and other unique retail strategies are needed.

We present five exciting use cases for personalization that ensure sales growth on Black Friday and strengthen customer loyalty.

Automated Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletters targeted to specific groups will draw your customers' attention to a specific product or product group. Personalization software analyzes your customers' click and purchase data and can determine which of your customers are amenable to the selected products in seconds. For example, customers can receive an automated newsletter promptly after they visit the online store, with recommendations from the previously viewed favorite category. Through this type of newsletter campaign, you reduce waste and increase the response rate. Learn more about this topic here.

Content Personalization

The goal of content personalization is to offer customers content that interests them. Whether it's blog posts, videos, or tutorials, content that matches your customers' preferences and interests add value. The customer feels well-advised because he receives information and tips on a topic that is relevant to them. In turn, the customer will be more loyal to the retailer because of the exception experience. You can find out more about content personalization here.

Dynamic Recommendation Boxes

Let your customers decide for themselves what they see. You can do this with recommendation boxes, in which the customer chooses their favorite category. By clicking the box they prefer, the customer receives personalized recommendations from that category. This way, retailers can promote cross-selling, as the customer sees more of the broad assortment. 

Schedule for promotions

Especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is helpful for customers to see the periods with scheduled product promotions prominently placed in the online store. You can include individually suitable product recommendations for the respective customer in your schedule e.g. from the product category. In addition, you can place personalized product recommendations around predefined promotion products.

Product Bundles

Offer your customers a "product bundle" of two, three or other products. The bundle can contain products that are often clicked or bought together in the online store. For example, a shower gel might be paired with a matching lotion or a Lego toy might be bundled with other items from this Lego series. Bundles have the advantage of saving your customers time when searching for products. A discount for the bundle can also provide an additional incentive to buy more. Read more about bundles here.

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