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Inspire your customers with personalized shopping experiences and empower your business with dynamic pricing

AIR - Cloud-based, ready-to-use AI services for smart retailers to achieve their goals.


Key Benefits

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Ready-to-use AI services

Ready-to-use AI services

Achieve results quickly with AIR modules that are ready-to-use and can be deployed instantly.

You do not need long project phases to experience the rewards of modern decision-making tools. The preconfigured services of the AIR package enable you to quickly turn data at any scale into business value.

Customized to retailers’ needs

Customized to retailers’ needs

The ready-to-use AI services are specially designed to deliver advanced features, including personalization and dynamic pricing.

The AIR package modules exclusively focus on the challenges of modern retailing and address the concrete challenges of daily business. They provide actionable recommendations that drive competitive advantages in a highly dynamic market.

AI-based insights for any channel and any device

AI-based insights for any channel and any device

AIR services automate your processes at every touchpoint: in-store, online, and on the go.

The cloud-based AIR modules meet all the requirements of modern omnichannel retailing. Intelligent insights can be displayed at every touchpoint of the customer journey and integrate seamlessly into existing interfaces for point of sale, merchandising, ERP and CRM systems.

Real-time results for rapid actions

Real-time results for rapid actions

You always receive AIR modules insights and recommendations in real time. This enables you to react immediately to new challenges from customers, competitors, and the market.

Our AI applications continuously analyse all relevant conditions such as customer behaviour, merchandise levels and competitor prices to provide fully contextual recommendations.

AIR Modules

Smart services for successful retailing

Use the power of artificial intelligence


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing


Real-Time Prediction

Real-Time Prediction





Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection




Proven solution based on proprietary AI-based decisioning engine



Scalable cloud solution without any limitations



Fast projects with quick return on investment



High flexibility and adaptability to any IT landscape



Use of state-of-the-art technology such as reinforcement learning



Used by a many number of retailers and e-commerce merchants globally


What our customers say



GK AIR Personalization in use at Coop


Since 2013, Coop Genossenschaft, one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland, has been using the AI solution GK AIR Personalization for a successful and tailored customer approach. Through intelligent couponing in the newsletter and personalized content on, the company achieves success in terms of net sales, purchase frequency and contribution margin. In a chat with GK at EuroCIS 2022, Ivan Guerrieri, Project Manager UX at Coop, describes the key learnings from the use cases deployed, gives tips for optimal testing and an outlook on where the journey is headed in terms of 1:1 personalization.

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