AIR - The cloud-based platform with ready-to-use AI applications for smart retail that helps retailers achieve their goals.

Inspire your customers with personalized shopping experiences

Powerful self-learning algorithms and a real-time decision support system bridge the gap between decision makers and the daily business. With deep insights on product and customer behavior, AIR applications allow you to capture new business and deliver more value from the business you already have.


Your Advantages

  • Ready-to-use AI applications specially designed for retailers’ challenges

  • Purpose-built to manage retail data at any scale

  • Integrates into existing interfaces for point of sale, merchandising, ERP and CRM systems

  • Immediate positive impact on your business


Smart Solutions for smart retailers


Leading Retailers Rely On Us

Leading retailers place their trust in us and have successfully used our applications for years. Using our effective omnichannel personalization, dynamic price optimization and other solutions, B2C and B2B retailers maximize their commercial profit.

AIR enables retail organizations to make smarter decisions more easily through actionable real-time data analysis. Built on more than 20 years of experience, AIR empowers retail businesses to increase their profits, predict and respond to new challenges and sustain competitive advantages.