19.11.2021 | Schöneck, Germany
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GK Software launches new scanless format GK Go

With the opening of the first scanless store for the employees at the headquarters in Schöneck, GK is ushering in the era of completely contactless shopping. The store allows shoppers to check in, take items, and just walk out or pay on their phone. Multiple shoppers can use the store at the same time with no need to scan items or wait in line to pay. Shoppers don’t have to look at their phone while they shop. However, they can choose to check their app to see basket content, item information, price, promotion, coupons redemption etc. at any point during their time at the store.

The GK Go store is using GK CLOUD4RETAIL’s new service GK Go, which orchestrates CLOUD4RETAIL services to enable a consistent, flexible flow with real-time shopper interaction throughout the shopping journey, Shekel Product Aware shelves, which recognize the products taken off the shelves, and Hitachi’s 3D LiDARs, which associates the items to the relevant shopper.

GK’s CLOUD4RETAIL platform enables flexible journeys and a variety of customer touchpoints, even in a scan-less shopping journey. As a result, GK Go can be used autonomously or staffed, in a container or as a full store. For example, in addition to pre-authorized ‘just walkout’ technology, retailers can choose to allow card or cash payment at a payment tower, payment on consumers’ mobile phone and even payment at a staffed checkout.

With this technology, consumers can easily see all relevant information about their basket in the app as they are shopping, including items, price, additional item info, total cost so far, and promotions and coupons that have been redeemed. Furthermore, they can opt in for real-time relevant offers and get a hyper-personalized experience with offers based on their preferences, basket content, shopping history, location in the store and additional attributes using GK AI for Retail.

Orit Bar-Ad, portfolio director, GK: “Consumers want to see information that is relevant to them as they shop, regardless of the channel or format. Scan-less should mean a great experience with fewer tasks for the shopper, whilst retaining flexibility and improving interaction. It should remove friction and should take retailers forward in their interaction with consumers as they shop.”

“This was a leading principle in GK Go — a consumer can take items and just walk out, but they can also see what’s in their basket, how much they are being charged, view promotions deployed, and more, at any point while shopping. As well, they can choose other ways to check out, in addition to being able to just walk out. This is achieved due to our real-time interaction, and the new services being an integral part of our unified commerce platform.”

“Various technologies can be used to provide the item and consumer events used by our new GK Go service,” said Orit Bar-Ad. “We are currently working in partnership with Hitachi Smart Spaces solutions 3D Lidar Sensors and Shekel LTD Product Aware Technology to provide high accuracy, reduced GDPR impact (no images of the consumer), reduced environment and lighting dependency, and outstanding real-time events performance, enabling GK Go to provide a superior shopping experience."

“We are excited to partner with GK and provide Hitachi Smart Spaces solutions in its staff store to enable a seamless, automated shopping experience,” said Christian Dornacher, director, Smart Spaces & Lumada Video Insights at Hitachi Vantara. “As the future of retail includes more touchless experiences, we recognize that protecting customer privacy is crucial. With our Lidar-based technology, we can provide a seamless, non-invasive experience that protects shoppers’ personal information and delights patrons with a truly autonomous grab and go retail environment.”

Rami Bahar, Chief Business Development Officer, Shekel, said: “We are excited and honored to provide our Product Aware technology to the ground-breaking GK Go store. Converting Shekel's world-class load cells into AI-powered IoT sensors enables us to recognize products in a blink and at the highest accuracy, while maintaining lowest cost of ownership and unrivaled reliability."

The GK Go store is also using a Blue Fire gate from Pan Oston and the latest version of electronic shelf labels from Hanshow, its Nebular series, which allow remote updating of prices, dynamic pricing, and more. All of this combines to provide more efficient operations for retailers, especially in autonomous environments, and a better shopping experience for customers.


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