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GK Engage

A loyalty program for truly relevant offers

GK Engage supports you in attracting and rewarding loyal customers by managing loyalty programs, personalized incentives and promotions. Create loyalty programs that are relevant to your customers with highly contextualized and personalized rewards that increase customer lifetime value (CLV). The built-in AI functions of GK Engage automate many processes necessary and help you in differentiating yourself from your competition via a great customer experience.

GK Engage can be integrated to our unified commerce platform GK CLOUD4RETAIL. However, it works also as a stand-alone solution for on-premise and e-commerce scenarios as well as for unified commerce experiences.

With GK Engage you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers and contribute to the achievement of your business goals.

Key Features

Consumer Targeted Strategy

Consumer Targeted Strategy

GK Engage enables manual creation of campaigns and promotions and gives options for coupon creation.
GK Engage offers AI-powered personalized offers, messages, and recommendations with an integrated target group wizard.
The solution is fully integrated with the merchandise master data and provides an overview of all activities within a time frame. In addition, GK Engage has integrated conflict resolution of competing offers, activation of strategies and pre-planning of strategies for the year.

Loyalty Program Management

Loyalty Program Management

GK Engage enables the creation and management of loyalty programs and supports any type of program e.g. Earn & Burn, stamp card or challenges and continuity programs. It can work with different point classes and with loyalty tiers. The application allows the loyalty program manager to set rules for joining a program/ tier or set fixed rewards for loyalty members. Dashboards enable the loyalty manager to check on member acquisition and retention rates and to keep loyalty members engaged with your brand.

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Target Group Assistant

Create target groups out of rich first party and behavioral data. AI can further support you by selecting the right target group and building segments. GK Engage has consumer-oriented strategies built right in, and also allows you to create test and control groups to get better and better to offering what really matters to your consumers.

Digital distribution & messaging

Digital distribution & messaging

Create appealing visualization of promotions and coupons. Schedule the distribution to the consumer. Connect to 3rd party systems, such as newsletter tools, to interact with your customer.

Consumer profiles

Consumer profiles

With GK Engage you know your customers even better. Manage customers' registration for loyalty and rewards with GK Engage. Provide digital loyalty and member cards to your customers, and extend the profile information through meaningful interactions with your members. Enriched profile information helps you to optimize your programs and offers in the long term. GK Engage meets the highest data protection standards.

Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

GK Engage helps you fine-tune your customer engagement efforts through continuous analysis of success metrics. Keep track of your loyalty member health and react with meaningful and relevant actions to increase the activity rate of your members. Learnings from previous campaigns can be transferred to new offers and programmes with AI support.



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