06.05.2019 | Schöneck, Germany
2 min. à lire

GK Software leverages Deutsche Fiskal GmbH cloud solution to prevent point of sale tax fraud

GK Software SE will rely on the cloud-based solution provided by Deutsche Fiskal GmbH, which is being jointly developed with the Bundesdruckerei Federal Printing Office, to meet German legal requirements to prevent tax fraud at till systems.

Deutsche Fiskal GmbH is developing an open cloud solution to meet German tax fraud prevention requirements at the point of sale. The company is working with Bundesdruckerei GmbH and GK Software SE as its cooperation partners and is therefore combining the market-leading expertise that is available in the fields of security and store systems.

GK Software will connect all its solutions for points of sale to the cloud platform provided by Deutsche Fiskal GmbH. The crucial factor here was that the cloud solution does not depend on operators having any special kind of hardware. As a result, it is possible to connect all modern till clients, like tablets or smartphones, to the system too. GK Software believes that using other possible fiscalisation processes like fiscal printers or USB sticks normally entails higher costs for fairly large retailers and always goes hand in hand with operating special types of hardware.

Deutsche Fiskal GmbH is ensuring that the transactions, which are relevant to the tax authorities, are signed in the cloud according to the law and are returned for archiving via the digital interface. Bundesdruckerei is making available the Technical Security Equipment (TSE) that is required.

Contact presse Dr. René Schiller Directrice Communication & Relations Investisseurs