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SAP and GK Software continue to enhance their partnership and develop solutions that align with the SAP Customer Experience strategy

SAP SE announced today it is broadening its partnership with the international retail application specialist, GK Software. Their joint goal is to supply solutions for specific retail segments and align the world’s leading combined range of solutions with SAP’s Customer Experience strategy in a comprehensive manner.

Raleigh, NC - Oct. 2, 2019 - The retail industry is currently experiencing an enormous wave of digitalization. To ensure success, retailers require intelligent technologies that are precisely adapted to the needs of their sector. The partnership between SAP and GK Software, which has existed since 2009, has already demonstrated its importance through nearly 100 joint projects across the world. The two organizations are now expanding their partnership even further by placing a greater emphasis on the trends and innovations in the fields of cloud technologies, experience management, artificial intelligence and mobile applications for the retail sector.

Retailers will enjoy significant benefits from GK Software’s extensive and ongoing development of its cloud services for different kinds of companies and retail segments. To support this goal, they are establishing a joint Retail Excellence Center. The two companies will combine their skills and resources to develop new concepts and solutions that are tailored to the special needs of the retail industry.

“The strategic partnership with SAP has enabled us to turn our solutions into a complete service package for the retail sector,” said Rainer Gläss, CEO of GK Software SE. “By focusing on expanding our cloud services and having the joint Retail Excellence Center, we’ll be able to proactively anticipate new trends and develop solutions that are geared towards particular segments together.”

The news can also be found on SAP's website here

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