29.01.2021 | Berlin, Germany
5 min read

Deutsche Fiskal – the cloud solution has been recertified on schedule

The BSI (the Federal Office for Information Security) had already certified the Fiskal Cloud solution, which has been jointly developed by DF Deutsche Fiskal GmbH and D-TRUST, a Bundesdruckerei company, as the first and – so far – only cloud solution for fiscalisation at the end of September 2020.

  • For use with fiscalisation in a legally watertight manner
  • Fiskal Cloud successfully operating for months

Because the BSI set further standards, recertification was necessary and this has now been achieved on schedule. This means that the retail trade and other sectors have available a modern and forward-looking cloud solution, which has been certified and can be used in a legally watertight manner.

As the Deutsche Fiskal interface can be connected up very quickly and with very little effort, even companies, which have not yet decided to install Fiskal Cloud, will still be able to make use of a cloud solution within the statutory deadline. Deutsche Fiskal is therefore providing support for this and making available special consulting packages to enable firms to make a rapid switch.

Fiskal Cloud has been in use in standard operations for almost three months now and several hundred customers, including some of Germany’s largest retailers, have already linked up to the system. As a result, several million transactions are signed every day. This figure will continue to increase significantly when all the customer systems are connected by 31 March.

Thanks to the modern cloud solution provided by Deutsche Fiskal, retailers and other companies affected by the German Cash Register Anti-Tampering Order can prevent a situation where each individual till device has to be equipped with special, additional hardware. At the same time, any changes to the statutory standards can be introduced centrally in the cloud. Numerous large retailers and operators with large numbers of installations in other sectors have focused on a cloud solution from the outset, as they wished to avoid hardware-based solutions involving huge amounts of time and effort and differing certification periods. As a result, many large store-based companies, including almost all the customers working with the parent company, GK Software, and AWEK, have opted to use Deutsche Fiskal.

Deutsche Fiskal also offers a hybrid variant, Fiskal Cloud offline, which enables mixed operations between systems connected to Fiskal Cloud online and those that are mainly operated offline. This means that even special situations, which do not have a permanent online connection, can be handled too. Deutsche Fiskal also provides a solution for storing data in a legally compliant manner – Fiskal Cloud Archiv.

About Deutsche Fiskal:

Deutsche Fiskal was founded as a fully-owned subsidiary of GK Software SE in March 2019 and it focuses exclusively on the topic of fiscalisation. The company, which has its headquarters in Berlin, has developed a cloud solution for handling fiscalisation in Germany in conjunction with D-Trust, a Bundesdruckerei company. This solution is now available to all providers of recording systems and can be connected up in a very flexible manner via open interfaces. Deutsche Fiskal also provides a hybrid solution so that companies can also benefit from the advantages of a central application in environments that do not have any permanent cloud connections. Deutsche Fiskal also offers a legally compliant and fully integrated archive solution, Cloud Archiv, so that Fiskal cloud data can be transferred to a long-term archiving facility.