04.05.2021 | Schöneck, Germany
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GK Software organizes a practical seminar at the 'food akademie' in Neuwied

GK Software SE is supporting the Bundesfachschule des Lebensmittelhandels (Federal Technical College for the Food Retail Sector) and is showing the students what intelligent systems can achieve for the food retail trade during this semester. The goal of the cooperation scheme is to prepare the young talent with IT expertise from the practical world in the best possible way.

The 'Bundesfachschule des Lebensmittelhandels – food akademie Neuwied' has been teaching relevant knowledge for the food retail sector for more than 80 years and offers various degree programs and further training courses. Retail corporations like REWE or EDEKA work closely with the educational institution with regard to transferring knowledge. Students, who are being trained to become state certified retail management experts, are gaining insights into the world of intelligent IT systems and how they can simplify processes in the food retail sector during this semester. GK Software is supporting the retail managers of the future so that they can gain some knowledge about IT solutions for the food retail trade.

The material related to the "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Food Retail Sector" topic area, which is part of the "Data Processing in the Retail Trade" seminar, is designed to show the students which application scenarios for AI simplify the procedures in practice and which sales-promoting measures retailers can integrate within the shopping process. The future retail management experts can discover, for example, how intelligent till systems, personalized customer experiences or dynamic price management in a supermarket can help increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Thorsten Fuchs, the College Director at the 'food akademie' in Neuwied, comments, "The cooperation arrangement with GK Software SE is a real benefit for our federal technical college. Intelligent data processing is an important topic for the food retail sector. Innovative solutions, which support retailers during their daily procedures within supermarkets and provide greater value added for customers, are an important factor to enable corporations to remain competitive in the future."

Herbert Zinn, a Member of the Supervisory Board at GK Software SE, adds, "The extremely practical training at the 'food akademie' pools skills from all fields of the food retail sector and prepares the students for their future tasks in the best possible way. We're delighted to be able to provide support with expertise related to intelligent IT systems during this semester."

The cooperation arrangement between GK Software and the 'food akademie' in Neuwied is taking place for the first time this year and will be continued during future semesters, if successful.


About the 'food akademie Neuwied GmbH'

The Federal College for the Food Retail Sector has existed in Neuwied to provide advanced and further training for the food retail trade since 1936. The guiding principle of "From practice for practice" has dominated teaching here for more than 80 years.  You can find more information about the Federal College for the Food Retail Sector at www.food-akademie.de