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GK Software Partners with Flexa to Support Digital Currency Payments

Using the Flexa network, TransAction+ offers merchants a fast, easy, and secure way to accept digital currency payments  

GK Software today announced it has partnered with Flexa, the leading pure-digital payments network, to enable merchants using TransAction+, GK’s leading payment processing application, to seamlessly accept dozens of different digital currencies in a fast and completely fraud-proof way. 

Today’s customers are demanding retailers accept digital currencies as a method of payment, with 57% of consumers saying they would choose where to shop based in part on whether they have the right mix of digital payment options. That’s why GK Software has joined forces with Flexa to help merchants meet this rise in demand and adapt quickly to the future of payments.  

Merchants already integrated on TransAction+ will be able to easily accept digital currency payments using the Flexa network. Together, the collaboration will allow merchants to:  

  • Accept dozens of digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE), among many others; 
  • Add in-store and online acceptance of digital currencies to their payments portfolio using existing POS hardware and software; 
  • Protect their business from fraud or loss from the time of authorization, all at no extra cost; 
  • Empower consumers to use digital currency payments with virtually no overhead; and 
  • Receive settlement in US dollars or the digital currency of their choice. 

“Digital currency is growing in popularity, which is why the most advanced retailers are offering digital payments for their shoppers,” said Todd Barstow, VP of Payments Solutions, GK Software USA. “Our unique partnership with Flexa will allow merchants using TransAction+ to easily accept cryptocurrency payments, enriching the shopping experience and driving customer loyalty as we embark on this exciting new chapter in the world of payments.” 

“As the fastest, most fraud-proof payments network in the world, Flexa is committed to helping merchants give their customers the freedom to pay how they want,” said Trevor Filter, co-founder, Flexa. “Merchants who connect to Flexa through our integration with GK Software will benefit from unlocking contactless digital currency as a payment option in an innovative and cost-effective way.”