GK Americas CEO Michael Jaszczyk named to Top 10 Movers and Shakers in Retail by RIS News


RIS News’ sixth annual “Influentials: Top Movers and Shakers in Retail” highlights ten retail executives, analysts and solution providers who are reshaping retail, and developing and deploying cutting-edge technology, despite any obstacles in their paths.



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October 31, 2022
RIS News Influentials: Top movers and Shakers in Retail 2022

Michael Jaszczyk's inclusion on the list is primarily attributed to his early decision to embrace the cloud. At a time, when retailers were still talking about cross-channel and multi-channel – the term omnichannel wasn’t widely used. However, GK was already developing solutions for it. "Regardless of a physical or online retail experience, it was clear that we needed a solution that could support retailers across channels. This shift in mindset empowered the GK team to create flexible deployment models very early on," Michael Jaszczyk says.

It was above all the ability to anticipate future issues and to develop technological solutions for them that led to the inclusion of the CEO of GK Americas in the TOP Retail Influencers., Sharing his thoughts on future developments, Michael Jaszczyk says to RIS that retail will change dramatically, and that the changes we see today are just the tip of the iceberg. He notes that GK is working on solutions that include features such as hyper-personalization, mobile and scanless payments.

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GK Features and functions that cover the named commitment on technology and innovation in retail are:


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