Think Global,
Act Local


GK's Manifesto for Thriving Communities


GK is a global company with offices all around the world.

Since our foundation in 1990, we are committed to supporting strong communities through various initiatives in the fields of education, research & development as well as health and social work.


In 2023, our management team together with employees across all our regions took the strategic decision to widen the benefactors of our contributions from selected organizations.

We at GK understand the critical role corporations have on a local scale and the duty to work on building strong symbiotic relationships with local institutions and communities.
Our engagement is driven under the credo:
Think Global, Act Local
“The enormous challenges of our time demand our commitment in many areas and on all continents. As part of our code of values, we take this responsibility seriously.”
Michael Scheibner, CEO GK Software SE

Where GK is Taking Action

  • Community & Health
  • Education
  • Research & Development

We are actively involved in the promotion of health, sports and social projects. Our involvement ranges from support for health promotion organizations to charitable sports projects. In this way, we help to improve the quality of life in various communities.

As a global IT and software company, we are passionate about supporting education in many regions around the world. In the IT and software industry in particular, we are committed to providing young people with access to quality education to increase their opportunities for a successful future.

As a pioneer in the IT sector, we invest in research and science in the STEM fields with a clear focus on sustainable technologies and digitalization. Our support enables the development of innovative solutions that not only drive technological progress, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Community & Health

AV Germania

Fichtelberg Radmarathon

Kinderheim Tannenmühle e.V.

Skiclub Schöneck

Skiverband Sachsen e.V.

Stiftung zur Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder im sächsischen Vogtland

VfB Auerbach 1906 e.V.

VfB Schöneck 1912 e.V.



Berufsakademie Plauen

Grundschule Schöneck

Sportgymnasium Klingenthal

TU Chemnitz

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau

Research & Development

SWS digital

TU Chemnitz

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau


Do you believe GK should support your project or initiative?

Positive change is in constant motion. And there’s enough cause to keep an eye out constantly for projects that are worth supporting. That’s what we are about.

If you are engaged or know of a project, that GK should support in the fields of education, research & development or community & health, please let us know. 

We will gladly review your request.


Our Teams Getting Active #proud2beGK


At GK we believe that taking a grassroots approach, supporting more, and primarily local initiatives and organizations. It is our conviction that fostering local communities has an immediate impact on the well-being of people which in turn builds better, more sustainable, and cooperative societies.

That is why, since 2023, our team members can apply for the support of individual passion projects– initiatives, that directly benefit their community.


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