August 31, 2020
7 min read

Satisfied Customers: Why We Do What We Do

Software providers can talk and talk all day about what makes their offering the best. But hearing from a retailer who implemented the technology and is actively seeing benefits with their customers is the true testament of value.

The future of retail is developing at a rapid rate today, with self-checkout, mobile shopping and BOPIS, and other services that put additional pressure on both new retailers and retailers with legacy systems looking to keep up with the pace of change. 

In this blog, we’re going to highlight the experiences a few of our long-term U.S. customers have realized during their time working with us.


Savers Value Village is using our TransAction+ payment solution to drive responsive and adaptable payment capabilities. The number of ways a consumer can pay seems endless –cash, debit, PIN-less debit, credit, gift cards, etc. – so the ability to quickly process each and every one of them is critical. Today, TransAction+ allows nearly 3,000 point of sale lanes across more than 300 Savers Value Village store locations to run independently. In addition to eliminating store-wide downtime risks and minimizing security risks, we’ve also reduced transaction times by 33%. 

Scalable point of sale services

With customer engagement and consistent brand experience so critical to retailers’ long-term strategy, customization potential is a critical factor when it comes to the point of sale. Retailers require a system that can be configured to their unique needs. What’s more, fully managed cloud services now deliver all the functionality of on-premise enterprise systems.

Our relationship with Beall’s began in 2012 when they deployed GK’s enhanced coupon solution for SAP POS. Since then, Beall’s has implemented numerous custom enhancements, such as EMV credit card authorization. Our ability to integrate new technology with Beall’s existing core SAP POS software has helped leverage and maximize the life of that system, and plan for future requirements. 

Integration with legacy systems

For new retailers looking to grow their business, scalability is a particularly important factor to consider with technology solutions. Platform architecture should make it easy for the system to grow alongside the business. As retailers look to expand their physical footprint, they often find it challenging to scale and optimize on-premise solutions. Cloud software can ensure retailers can continue to grow without unnecessary IT overhead. 

On the other hand, retailers that already have existing legacy systems they rely on for core services means that the simplicity of integrating new services and solutions is the key to avoiding costly and slow adaptation. 

According to PGA TOUR Superstore, the right solutions should be instrumental to “execute in the present and prepare for the future,” just as our payments solution has proven to be for them.

The golf equipment retailer originally chose GK Software because of its reputation for innovation and the suite of add-on modules that provided immense functionality without having to change its core platform. Today, PGA TOUR Superstore leverages GK’s TransAction+ payments solution and a suite of Central Services.

Innovative solutions for the world's leading retailers

One thing we’ve found in common between the retailers we work with is that they all look for professional support, fast implementation, and technology that enables them to best serve their present and future customers, regardless of how their preferences change.

Our fully managed cloud services give retailers access to enterprise functionality and scalability without having to build out their own expertise or infrastructure. Instead, they enjoy the freedom to deploy increasingly critical services quickly while maintaining the flexibility to deliver unique, differentiating customer interactions with ease.

Our long-lasting relationships - often spanning decades - are a testament to both our expertise in the space, and ability to innovate as retail changes. 

See what more of our satisfied customers have said about working with us and reach out if you’d like to learn more about how our platform and services can help you continue serving your customers the experiences they expect and you desire.