GK GO to the Rescue: How Scanless Checkout Can Support Forgetful Holiday Chefs

It's no secret that the entire holiday season is busy for retailers. But for grocers, the busy season continues into the "big days" thanks to forgetful chefs.  

With 94% of consumers planning to host the same amount, or more people, than they did in 2021, shoppers will be buying more ingredients to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas feast.  

And what's more,61% of shoppers will forget an ingredientleading up to the big day, causing them to make last-minute grocery runs. Thetop ten most neglected itemsinclude cranberries (forgotten by 32% of shoppers), spices (20%) and pie crust (20%). 

If the missing items are realized too late, some consumers will be out of luck. Many grocery chains like Stop & Shop, Walmart, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are closed on the holidays to give their employees the day off. Unfortunately, this kind gesture oftentimes leaves shoppers without the ingredients they need to complete their holiday meal. 

Luckily, there is a new solution – cashierless checkout. With scanless stores like those powered by GK GO, shoppers can get in and out of the store quickly, without requiring excessive staffing.  

The Holiday Shopping Experience with GK GO 

Let's set the scene. You're making Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family and the holiday snuck up too quickly. Hours before the meal is set to commence, you realize you forgot cranberries. While this may seem trivial next to the successfully roasting turkey, the cranberries are a staple for your loved ones.  

Fortunately, a grocery store in your town recently trialed a cashierless checkout experience that's slated to be open on the holiday. You arrive at the store and scan an app. From there, you go in, grab the cranberries and walk right out the front door without waiting in line or interacting with an employee who's (rightfully) unhappy about working on the holiday.  

How GK GO Benefits Store Associates 

Seamless experiences like the one described above aren't the only benefit retailers gain by offering a scanless setup this season. Scheduling in-store associate hours during the holidays can be a headache. Since the onset of the pandemic, retailers have faced increasing pressures to close on the holidays. While this is a great way to support employees and boost company morale, last-minute holiday sales are lost, particularly for grocers.  

By offering a cashierless option like GK GO, grocers can take advantage of these timely sales without asking many associates to come in. Customers can peruse the store independently and check out on their own. With GK GO, consumers have all the information they need to complete the transaction on their phone, including relevant promotions and basket totals.  

This level of consumer independence decreases lines and helps forgetful chefs get home to their families quicker, while ensuring more employees can enjoy the holiday, too.  

Be There For Yoyour Customers Without Sacrifice 

Grocers want to offer the best experience possible for their shoppers and during the holidays this can put undue stress on employees. To learn more about how GK GO can simplify the already complex season,reach out to us today.