January 11, 2023
7 min read

GK Partners To Watch at NRF 2023

The NRF Big Show is known for its grand exhibition hall, exciting presentations and stellar networking. But for GK, the best part of the Big Show is that it brings the retail industry together under one roof.  

We're proud to work with customers and partners all around the globe, and we appreciate any opportunity to discuss our solutions live and in-person. At NRF in particular, given its size, we have an opportunity to join forces with many of our partners to showcase how our joint technologies can benefit retail businesses.  

This year, GK is proud to showcase several of our innovative partnerships including Opterus, TruRating, MySize , Abacus Lottery, ReAct, Shekel and Hitachi. If you are planning to attend NRF this year, make sure to stop by booth #4257 to see these integrations in action.  

Here's a preview of some of the technology partners that you'll see at the GK booth: 

Shekel and Hitachi 

At NRF, GK is proudly presenting its scanless store, GK GO. With the help of Hitachi's Smart Spaces solutions 3D Lidar Sensors and Shekel's LTD Product Aware Technology, GK is revolutionizing the scanless store. The Lidar sensors and shelf scanning technology allow for an exceptional cashierless experience, without using imaging technology. GK GO gives shoppers easy access to basket information, like prices, coupons and product details at any point within their shopping journey.  


Opterus is a leading global provider of store information and execution management solutions that increase productivity and improve retail enterprise communications. Opterus's on-demand, web-based retail portal communicates corporate policies and day-to-day objectives across teams and store locations. What's more, store information compiled in the OPSEngine solution can be applied to customer touchpoints like point-of-sale systems, powered by GK OmniPOS, to improve the checkout experience.  


Innovator MySize works with GK to offer unique sensor-based measurement technology for retailers. In 2021, GK announced that the MySize measurement information would be available across CLOUD4RETAIL touchpoints, giving shoppers access to personalized size recommendations and enhanced in-store customer service.  


Last January, GK announced the seamless integration of ReAct's IoT-based communication software into GK's CLOUD4RETAIL OmniPOS solution. As a result of this partnership, retail employees can easily communicate with one another easily and efficiently. For example, the integration can be used to alert store employees when a checkout queue needs to be opened to manage long lines. Then, ReAct's technology can notify customers of the new lane with lights or an announcement.  

See These Partners and More at Booth #4257 

To see how these solutions work together to create new and exciting opportunities for retailers in any sector, visit us at booth #4257. If you're interested in a personal demonstration, schedule a meeting today. 

We hope to see you there!