January 25, 2021
2 min read

How Omnibasket Establishes POS Flexibility for Developers

How Omnibasket Establishes POS Flexibility for Developers https://www.pixabay.com/illustrations/webdesign-design-web-website-3411373/

A new POS implementation is one of the most expensive IT investments a retailer can make. It requires executive approval and must be done seamlessly so no business is lost in the transfer process. As a result of a retailer’s reluctance, they are often stuck with a POS system that can’t quickly adapt to their needs, ultimately standing as an inflexible and rigid barrier to ensuring customer satisfaction.   

So, what if a POS could operate more like a smartphone, allowing retailers to easily add new third-party capabilities and tools as their needs evolve? That’s the concept behind our Omnibasket Developers Portal and Innovator Partners Program. 

The platform serves as a sandbox where developers can use the platform’s web services through APIs. Now third-party solution providers can easily integrate their applications, giving retailers unprecedented flexibility by enabling them to choose from a growing number of solutions that complement GK.  

For example, developers can utilize basket capabilities, promotions, transaction handling, and more, even in nontraditional touchpoints such as cars, IoT devices and various mobile apps.  

It's time to invest in the POS

It’s now essential to create platforms that have flexible technology, whether by updating basket capability, improving promotions or transaction handling, and managing POS updates. And a cloud-based platform is a critical foundation to ensure that the retailer can continuously adapt to meet their shoppers’ needs. Omnibasket can lower the hurdles for developers looking to successfully make the leap and integrate new features and updates. 

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