February 03, 2017 | Düsseldorf, Gemany
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Connected solutions for Retail 4.0 - GK Software presents market-leading Unified Commerce Platform at the EuroShop trade show

GK Software AG is once again making use of the leading EuroShop retail trade show in Düsseldorf to present new solutions and concepts related to the new OmniPOS Unified Commerce Platform first introduced last year. With fully-integrated features for self-scanning and pick & pack, the system provides further modules for a seamless customer journey in stores as part of its comprehensive omni-channel concept. An innovative showcase illustrates the unique opportunities of using augmented reality for customers and employees.

The major focus of this year's showcase by GK Software is the thoroughly redeveloped OmniPOS solution, which was officially launched last year. It has been particularly designed for use in a truly wide variety of omni-channel scenarios. OmniPOS combines the tried and tested features of the market-leading GK store solutions with the latest architecture and technology. All the relevant business processes in OmniPOS are made available as services, and they become accessible for each sales channel. This offers retailers a completely new level of quality for introducing genuine unified commerce concepts. For example, the world's only store software, which is capable of operating on SAP HANA, features topics like cloud computing, clustering, or multi-client capability just as much as seamless integration in the world's leading backend and e-commerce facilities provided by SAP. The solution is part of the world's only end-to-end, complete package for unified commerce within the network of SAP solutions for the retail sector. OmniPOS is also sold by SAP using the "SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK" brand. Fifteen customers have already selected to introduce their omni-channel strategies.

Central price calculations for each channel

One important element in all-round omni-channel concepts involves standard pricing and the consistent use of as many promotions and loyalty activities as the retailer needs. Using the Central Pricing Engine, GK offers the leading solution, which is designed to simultaneously handle a very large number of price calculations via several channels in real-time. The Central Pricing Engine handles any possible combination of promotions and can also map the most complex rules on a wide variety of devices in real-time. The solution is also part of the SAP solution portfolio.

Apps first - an innovative concept for rapid 'time-to-store'

OmniPOS is a standard solution, which is designed to be able to respond to the relevant needs of retailers in a wide variety of sectors very quickly. In addition to classic facilities like parameterisation or programming, the solution offers a special concept for reducing the time-to-store through 'app enablement' developed by GK - i.e. the time that is required until the rollout of new processes in stores. OmniPOS fully relies on HTML5 (SAP Fiori) to manage the interfaces. New functions in the form of apps can be integrated without any changes to the product core and with a manageable efforts needed for programming. These apps also support the sales personnel - e.g. with additional information, advisory tools or sales recommendations. Solutions provided through apps for ticketing (sale of event tickets), instore messaging and cashier training will be on display at the EuroShop trade show for the very first time. Because of the many advantages of this concept, the principle of 'apps first' will be used for the ongoing development of OmniPOS, although each function will first be checked to see whether it can be designed as an app and could therefore be immediately available on each device without the need for any further development work.

Support at the shelf - additional information through augmented reality

Products are also the focal point of shoppers' interest. However, the opportunities are restricted for offering more extensive information or additional purchase incentives directly at the shelf. Using an augmented reality solution, GK will show for the first time how classic shelf information can be enhanced for customers and sales personnel by using smartphones and tablets. The product is automatically recognized and all the available information and ordering opportunities are immediately displayed to consumers. The sales personnel also receive information that is relevant to the items - e.g. their availability. By using augmented reality in stores, GK is closing another gap between the in-store business and the internet. This enables retailers to offer the same comfort enjoyed by customers at web shops in stores.

Faster shopping - full control over shopping with GK Self-Scanning

Self-scanning is one of the fashionable trends. Many large retailers have already been focusing on this subject for some time in order to offer their customers better service and more options when shopping. GK will present a self-scanning solution at the EuroShop trade show, which is part of the GK Mobile Customer Experience Platform (MCE) and is seamlessly integrated in OmniPOS. Both, dedicated retailer devices and customer smartphones, can be used to register items and pay for them. The self-scanning solution can handle the complete range of mobile customer services like infotainment, couponing, or mobile payments in conjunction with the Mobile Customer Experience Platform.

Order online, pick up in the store - efficient omni-channel processes with GK Pick & Pack

Another module for end-to-end omni-channel processes is the GK Pick & Pack solution. This enables the store personnel to pick the goods ordered online in good time and hand them over to customers in the store or in the pick-up area. All the picking orders are clearly labeled and are available on each mobile and stationary device, as Pick & Pack is also made available by app enablement. Pick & Pack is seamlessly linked to the merchandise management and till systems and no outside solution is required for this service feature, which is becoming increasingly important.

'Simply Retail' is simply one step ahead

GK's entire development and research work is known as 'Simply Retail'. Our philosophy is to scale down the complexity of processes and make them as simple as possible for the IT managers, the sales personnel and customers. We aim to reduce the number of solutions in use, prevent any disruption and reduce the possibilities for errors. GK Software offers a complete portfolio, which embraces all the store processes at the POS, on shelves and in the warehouse, all mobile processes on customer smartphones, integration with merchandise management, e-commerce and CRM systems and complete services for retail companies. GK has been successfully working with partners like SAP, SAP hybris and valuephone for many years.

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