September 17, 2010
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Distributing Digital Advertising in Stores Safely and Easily

GK SOFTWARE AG Presents an Integrated Solution for Digital Signage at the EuroCIS

Schöneck, 30 January 2009 GK SOFTWARE AG is presenting its new digital signage software with the GK/Retail Digital Content Management system for the first time at the EuroCIS 2009. The new software, which can be fully integrated in the GK/Retail suite, allows digital information to be distributed right through a company automatically and it makes use of the leading technology provided by GK/Retail.

GK SOFTWARE AG is using the opportunity at the EuroCIS to present its central solution for distributing any amount of digital content to various output devices in a whole company using the GK/Retail Digital Content Management system. The digital signage solution knows no limits as regards content or playback media. This means that it is possible to distribute photos, slide shows or videos automatically to the appropriate output devices right through a company. Each output device, which is able to communicate using wired or wireless networks, can be controlled by the GK/Retail Digital Content Management system. Any changes to the material can be made automatically and at set times. The system can manage several channels simultaneously. So it is possible, for example, to issue content in different languages or control various areas on a screen at the same time. As a result, photos or films can be presented in one section of a screen and different logos in a different area, for example.

The new GK/Retail Digital Content Management system can, for example, be used for digital posters, kiosk systems, electronic shelf labels, advertising displays at self-checkouts or shelf monitors. Even customer screens at POS systems managed by GK/Retail can be supplied with advertising materials on several channels using the new software. This material can be played back next to the visualized receipt and so address customers directly.

Press contact Dr. René Schiller Global Head of Marketing | VP
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