February 08, 2013
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GK SOFTWARE AG Introduces New Self-checkout Solution

Schöneck, 8 February 2013 - GK SOFTWARE AG has developed a new, affordable solution enabling retailers to offer their customers a self-checkout option, which is built around the standard software, GK/Retail POS.


  • Fully integrated lean solution reduces retail costs
  • Pilot installation already completely operational within a leading retailer's organization


The solution is fully integrated in the GK/Retail operating systems and retailers are free to use any hardware combinations they wish. This eliminates the need to invest in purchasing traditional self-checkout hardware, which can be expensive, and integrating it into the existing IT landscape. The new solution enables the use of standard hardware which meets the requirements of the particular type of retail store in question, and offers the exact same processes as can be found on traditional checkout counters (POS). Consumers are guided clearly and simply through the entire scanning and payment process. Furthermore, the systems feature a number of different modes, allowing them to be used both as shopper-operated self-checkouts and as traditional POS. Sales employees can monitor the systems using an iOS-based control cockpit (e.g. on an iPod or iPhone) and intervene whenever necessary - such as when a shopper is attempting to purchase an age-restricted item. The new solution is already fully operational within a leading Swiss retailer's organization.

Self-checkout systems are automated, consumer-operated alternatives to traditional checkout counters. They allow shoppers to scan, and if necessary weigh, the contents of their baskets themselves and then pay directly at the self-checkout station, either by cash or card. Several self-checkout systems are usually monitored by one employee who is on hand to help any shoppers experiencing difficulties and to carry out checks. Such systems, which are already in widespread use in countries such as the USA und the UK, enable retailers to offer better customer service while achieving significant cost savings.





Press contact Dr. René Schiller Global Head of Marketing | VP
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