September 17, 2010
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GK SOFTWARE AG presents the New Major Version of its Software, GK/Retail 12, for the First Time at the EuroCIS

New Technologies and Software Components for Efficient Customer-Centric Retailing

Schöneck, 30 January 2009 GK SOFTWARE AG is presenting the new major version of its software, GK/Retail 12, to a specialist public for the first time at the EuroCIS 2009. The fully integrated software for stores is now completely based on the new ABC technology (Advanced Business Components). This technology, which provides SOA, allows the simplest possible integration of customer functions, new software components or subsystems. The new GK/Retail 12 also provides new functions and solutions for consistently implementing customer-centric approaches and cost-saving operating concepts.

GK SOFTWARE AG is showing off the new version of its software, GK/Retail 12, for the first time at the EuroCIS 2009. GK SOFTWARE AG believes that the latest version of its successful software package represents a quantum leap in store automation. Extensive development work, years of research and the experience gained from many large-scale international projects have all been incorporated in GK/Retail 12.

Leap Forward in Technology: Scalable Central Architecture, ABC Technology and Core Plug-Ins

The new release represents a complete switch for GK/Retail to flexible component technology. Based on Advanced Business Component (ABC) technology, the individual components and modules are completely encapsulated from each other and communicate via defined interfaces. This means that it is not only possible to link in new GK/Retail components or customer functions, but also external systems like webshops, CRM systems or new hardware as core plug-ins without any problems. There are no restrictions on the scalability of the software either. As a result, it is possible to determine which parts of the software are to be used centrally and which parts locally. The continuous structure of the software modules in Advanced Business Components corresponds one hundred percent with the concept of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The business components can be activated by external solutions as web services. Frequently used functions like price enquiries, reports etc can be repeatedly used either within GK/Retail or even in communicating with external consumers. As a result, GK/Retail supports the classical SOA standards and the specific RTI (Retail Transaction Interface) developments for the retail sector introduced by the ARTS work team.

The Principle of Customer Centric Retailing

The central crucial goal in GK/Retail 12 is to provide better customer service in stores. This is primarily provided by means of rapid and customer-centric processes at each POS. Regardless of whether the transaction involves accepting a gift certificate, simple returns or accepting customer cards without any difficulties – all the customer centric processes are available in an efficient and transparent manner and are easy to use. GK/Retail 12 provides complete satisfaction in managing customer loyalty and sales promotion schemes and offers the widest range of integrated solutions related to customer service and customer loyalty, ranging from couponing to customer and gift cards, self-checkout operations and even integrating mobile retailing and payments. New solutions and components for complete store automation have also been integrated in the major version 12. As a result, the software suite now has an integrated digital signage feature in order to transmit digital content to as many output devices as are necessary and this is managed from enterprise headquarters. A digital signature feature with a signature pad has also been included and this allows fast operations at the POS without the need for any paper.

Security as a Result of Having the Latest Equipment

The new GK/Retail version follows the development path of Java and supports the latest Java version in order to benefit from further developments and improved security concepts in the platform. Alongside this, new databases have been included and the latest retail developments in the most important operating systems have been enabled. GK SOFTWARE AG also guarantees that GK/Retail fully meets the requirements of PCI-DSS.

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