September 17, 2010
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JYSK Nordic purchases global sales system from GK SOFTWARE AG

Schöneck/Brabrand, December 17, 2008 – One of the leading European furnishing and furniture retailers JYSK Nordic has signed a contract with GK SOFTWARE AG from Germany for a new global sales system. Today, JYSK Nordic operates in eleven countries but the contract with GK SOFTWARE AG covers an expansion to 21 countries.

The system enables JYSK Nordic to operate seamlessly on existing and new markets, including China and Eastern Europe. “JYSKNordic is now able to efficiently accommodate for different national legislative requirements and to operate on all languages, including Chinese, in a unified and highly flexible system. With the new solution we also get a solution that is easy to use and can be mastered by new personnel in just 2 to 3 hours,” says JYSK Nordic’s Director of Finance and IT, Henrik Naundrup.

JYSK Nordic will roll out the new GK/Retail sales system over the next three years, country by country, lead by a team of 10-15 experts. Amongst the advanced features of the new sales system are locally adjusted customer loyalty programmes, in-store Internet sales, optional queue-busting achieved via personnel with handheld terminals, and interoperability with all major payment solutions worldwide.

“We have gone through a highly systematic purchasing process that makes us confident that the deal we are making with GK SOFTWARE will also be a good deal in a long term perspective,” concludes JYSK Nordic’s Director of Finance and IT, Henrik Naundrup.

With the JYSK Nordic deal GK SOFTWARE won another international customer for GK/Retail. At the same time the company opens up the segment of furnishing and furniture retailers and will be present with solutions in new countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.

  • About JYSK:
    In 1979, Danish entrepreneur Lars Larsen opened his first JYSK store. Today, JYSK has grown to more than 1,450 stores spanning 32 countries employing around 14,000 people. JYSK’s ambition is to provide a great offer for everyone within sleeping and living, fulfilled with JYSK stores all around the world. The group is still owned by Lars Larsen and the annual turnover is approx. € 1.9 billion. JYSK Nordic includes 11 of the 32 countries, where JYSK is today.
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