GK Software was founded more than 25 years ago and has enjoyed rapid growth ever since. The key requirements on the way to becoming the leading European provider of integrated store solutions were the high degree of continuity in management as well as motivated and productive employees.

With more than 279,000 installations in over 50 countries, we are one of the most important players in the international market for store solutions. Our success in the market is based on the quality of our solution portfolio as well as a powerful corporate structure with which we can successfully implement major international projects.

Founded in 1990, we consistently used Java as a platform for all our solutions since 1997. Our GK/Retail solution suite has been productive for over ten years now and has been continuously developed based on the latest technologies and open standards during this period. In 2000, GK/Retail was the first store solution that was certified for SAP.

Our success has also paid off economically. We have multiplied our revenues by nine and increased our number of employees to over 1.147 since our IPO.

Whether mobile solutions, centralized architectures or enterprise-wide monitoring of thousands of stores in different countries, GK/Retail has set the trends in modern applications for chain store companies for years. This is also one of the reasons that SAP sells our solutions worldwide.

The goal of our work is to optimally support our customers in offering excellent service in the store. Our success is our customers’ success.


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