By choosing to use one or more GK/Retail applications, you lay the foundation for a single, uniform store-level infrastructure with the agility to adapt to your needs and scale with you as you grow.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art, future-proof and boundless GK/Retail technology, you can create efficiency and value across every aspect of your store-level IT.

Reduce operational complexity
React more quickly to evolving markets
Lower costs sustainably

Create competitive edge and strengthen the ties with your customer base through improved customer engagement and service.

Optimize your appeal to shoppers through the use of highly flexible promotions, unlimited loyalty campaigns and the leading mobile customer experience solution.

Centralize your store-level IT using GK/Retail’s cloud-based solutions to successfully implement lean store concepts and structurally reduce the TCO of your store-level systems.

Ensure rapid localization and monetization to support growth and international expansion. Use the same software to operate different formats or hardware set-ups, even in different countries, since the specific parameters are set per configuration.