GK SOFTWARE can help you to significantly reduce the long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) of store-level software solutions and to achieve a quicker return on investment (ROI) through new business processes. The potential savings lie in many different areas, as follows.

Short implementation times

The open architecture, the ARTS standard and the Advanced Business Components technology all facilitate the rapid implementation of new business processes to gain competitive edge or in response to competitors' promotional activities.

Release-compatible standard solution

Thanks to the continuous further development of the standard software and guaranteed compatibility with future releases, retail customers are assured of benefiting from new functionalities, technologies and improvements for many years to come.

Centralize architecture

Using Lean Store Server to centralize the store servers considerably reduces the support costs arising from technical problems with hardware and/or software. Engineers no longer have to make long journeys to solve problems in individual stores, and the costs associated with branch-level servers and back-ups are completely eliminated. Meanwhile effective, high-end enterprise solutions can be implemented for hardware, operating systems, databases and back-ups at headquarter level.

Seamless store integration

StoreWeaver seamlessly connects the individual stores to the head office and integrates all in-store subsystems. This keeps the long-term costs for this essential aspect of store-level IT manageable and protects the retailer's investment.

Central management

The central management and control of all the POS systems and other subsystems by Enterprise Storemanager simplifies the administrative tasks, even in the case of complex store networks spread across several countries. This consistently reduces administration costs and speeds up the implementation of new or updated business processes.

Central monitoring

The Enterprise Cockpit enables all systems (system status, Heartbeat, etc.) to be monitored company-wide and hence facilitates a proactive approach to preventing technical problems or resolving them more quickly.


The ongoing internationalization of the GK/Retail Suite solutions helps to significantly speed up a retailer's expansion into new countries. Moreover, the fiscalization framework and the EFT framework enable the solution to be rapidly adapted to local demands.

Integrated loyalty and promotions solution

The wide range of functionalities with regard to loyalty and promotions present plenty of opportunities for innovative customer loyalty schemes as a way of gaining competitive advantage and make additional software solutions superfluous.

Integrated mobile solutions

GK/Retail Mobile enables a wide variety of processes to be performed directly at shelf level by making ERP and administrative functionalities available on the spot.

Integrated digital signage solution

The Digital Content Management solution enables an integrated approach to the company-wide distribution of digital content which can be transmitted through the GK/Retail communication channels. This eliminates the need for additional software solutions which are not only costly but also increase the complexity of the store-level IT.

Services-oriented architecture

All GK/Retail components can be integrated into a services-oriented architecture. This enables components to be used several times in an overall concept, which in turn reduces the development costs.

Installation routines

The design of GK/Retail enables it to be installed by the retailer's own IT specialists or external service suppliers, thus allowing further cost and time savings in the roll-out phase.

Service and support

The use of GK/Retail enables a significant reduction in the number of maintenance call-outs and hence the service costs. Since all the components can be monitored and maintained remotely, there is less need for costly on-site service visits.

Training costs

The use of ergonomically designed and intuitive touch systems enables the training costs to be reduced considerably, while also resulting in fewer operator errors.


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