The GK/Retail Enterprise Cockpit offers a complete visualization of the entire retail organization – including all aspects of the daily operations – from both a business-performance and a technical perspective.

The solution displays real-time enterprise data from across the organization through an intuitive interface that makes any analysis a routine task. All the information presented by the GK/Retail Enterprise Cockpit can be individually configured in order to adapt it to the retailer's specific requirements.

Key Features

Business Activity

The Business Activity functionality automates the collection of information from all branch-level systems, giving the head office an at-a-glance live overview of all store-level systems. With GK/Retail Enterprise Cockpit, informed, immediate action is at your fingertips.

Sales Control

The Sales Control functionality displays Key Performance Indicators from the store level and company as a whole to the management team in real-time.. The dashboard automatically updates to show key figures for each individual branch and for the company as a whole, in real time.