GK/Retail offers you the only store-level merchandise management solution that can be fully integrated into your store software and seamlessly connected to your central system (e.g. SAP). Store Device Control represents the data hub for data exchange within all of your in-store systems. Hence, you require just one solution to manage your entire store-level IT, which enables you to permanently reduce complexity and simplify your IT landscape.

The mobile merchandise management solution connects your central ERP system directly to each store, whether at shelf level, at goods in or in the storeroom. This achieves seamless integration of all store-level merchandise-related processes including label & poster printing, thus resulting in end-to-end integration of your headquarters with your stores – in real time where necessary. Moreover, if you use an ERP system from SAP at your headquarters, you will also benefit from the world’s only mobile store solution that is fully integrated in SAP. Hence, this becomes simply an extra component within your SAP system.

Our mobile applications make your processes leaner, faster and more efficient, and they enable you to take a more proactive approach anywhere and at any time. The mobile applications are available for iOS, Android and Windows and can be used on all common types of hardware.

Store Device Control offers you a standard solution for managing all the in-store peripherals. The solution functions as the only interface between the ERP system and local stores. It ensures that all of the connected subsystems automatically receive the right data (e.g. prices, promotions) at the right time. Meanwhile all relevant data generated in the store itself is transmitted to the central systems in real time.

Thanks to the GK/Retail solutions for merchandise management, store device control and label & poster printing, you have access to a leading range of high-quality solutions for end-to-end store integration. In combination with the GK/Retail Store solutions, these solutions enable you to implement a uniform, standardized system from one single supplier to cover the whole of your in-store IT landscape.