The mobile store merchandise management processes solution package ensures seamless end-to-end connection to the central SAP system. It allows for a considerable improvement in the degree of automation in the store and improves the quality of the inventory data significantly. Thus, the costly gaps between the SAP system and stores are closed.

Continuous process support to the goods

With the solution package for mobile store processes, the continuous process support to the goods is ensured with mobile devices. The various components work together seamlessly and guarantee that store merchandise management processes run smoothly in the store. In doing so, all the mobile functionalities are available online and offline as needed. Proven data storage and data exchange mechanisms ensure that updated data is available on the mobile devices and the back-office systems at any time and conflicting data entries (such as double counting) cannot be given.


Using a set of rules, it is possible to define which processes may be completed remotely and which require approval or monitoring in the back office or at the central office. All processes can also be checked and edited in the web-based portal with direct access to the central system.

Real-time inventory information

In order to provide the data necessary for automatic scheduling in near-real time, the Enterprise StoreWeaver EE offers its own preliminary inventory management. Using this, all inventory changes are recorded in real time so that the F&R system can generate recommendations for automatic scheduling without a time delay. Faster response times for the order are possible since you do not need to wait for completion of the update process in the SAP system.


All StoreWeaver EE solutions are completely platform-independent and can be used with virtually any standard hardware and any Java-enabled operating system.