GK/Retail enables you to offer your customers optimum service across all channels, consistently and transparently. The GK/Retail Business Suite applications ensure that you can provide the right information and the right processes for shoppers at all touch points – whether in store, in the webshop or on a mobile device – in real time, without interruptions and tailored for each particular channel.

GK/Retail has been consistently designed to communicate seamlessly, via open interfaces and web-based services, with the other channels that you use to connect to your customers. For example, the GK infrastructure allows your customers to initiate, alter and complete a transaction in any channel. Our omni-channel processes include collection, payment, returns, loyalty, promotions and stock enquiries, and within these we have taken account of how today’s mobile consumers use their smartphones.

For GK/Retail, omni-channel retailing is not a topic for the future. Instead, it is currently built into our products as standard and many of our customers are already benefitting from the opportunities it offers on a daily basis.