GK Omni-Channel Personalization uses machine learning and AI to enable real-time personalized services such as recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing for any omni-channel business. Delivered as a modular software, GK uniquely allows retailers to deploy a variety of AI capabilities to create a personalized customer experiences across any channel, including the store.

Key Features

With GK’s expanded omni-channel capabilities, retailers can use AI-enabled personalization features to fulfill the omni-channel promise of GK’s OmniPOS and Mobile Customer Assistant store solutions in one customized, complete solution, including:

  • Individualized product recommendations: Learn from customers’ reactions in real-time to offer the best and most relevant content for all consumers. This unique customer experience enables retailers to maximize customer loyalty and earnings.

  • Personalized and real-time dynamic pricing and promotions: Analyze the shopping behavior of each customer, retailers can respond to each individual in real-time and turn visitors into loyal customers. Automatic recommendations of the most suitable products will be sent with maximum personal relevance.

  • Dynamic Pricing: GK Software delivers the first dynamic pricing tool with the ability to find the best possible pricing in real time. Retailers can now completely, automatically adapt thousands of product prices to customer behavior as well as to the constantly changing market and company situation.

  • Marketing automation: Generate the right incentive at the right time to optimize conversion rate. By automatically selecting the perfect target group, the solution increases the rate of response to marketing measures – including tailored shopping lists and customer-specific newsletters.



Key Benefits

GK Omni-Channel Personalization brings the power of machine learning and AI to the store and all channels, offering:

  • Real-time capabilities: GK personalizes interactions across all channels in real-time. This means retailers can further enhance end-to-end interaction with customers for maximum relevance, all the time.

  • Omni-channel personalization: By integrating GK’s AI-enabled capabilities, retailers can now personalize the customer experience at every touchpoint – online, on mobile sites and at the POS. A combination of customer behavior analysis and the generation of personalized content takes place across all channels in real-time.

  • Integral approach: The software combines recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing components in one solution. Combining the modules allows retailers to optimally implement their own personalization strategy.

  • Artificial intelligence: Intelligent algorithms are the heart of GK Omni-Channel Personalization. Using the core function principles of machine learning and reinforcement learning, the machine automatically learns personalization rules in real-time and maximizes the benefit of the system as a whole, including sales or earnings.

  • Simple integration: The solution can be implemented and configured quickly as a cloud service or software (on-premise). The personalization solution is compatible with every shop system and all mailing services.

  • High scalability: GK offers high-performance capabilities that can process significant volumes of data in an average time of 25 milliseconds. GK software solution can, therefore, easily process product portfolios with several million items in real-time.

With these tools, GK Software allows retailers to present the right message, at the right time, across every omni-channel touchpoint.