GK/Retail Open Scale transforms your store’s scales from an island solution to a fully-integrated part of the store infrastructure, presenting a paradigm shift for any retail company relying on scales to maintain flexible, accurate pricing and inventory control.

The solution uses an open, platform-independent architecture to create unrivaled agility and integration with other enterprise applications and processes.

Open, Platform-Independent Solution
  • Flexible architecture allows use on any modern PC scale
  • Can be used as a pure scale application for traditional counter scales as well as self-service or checkout scales.
  • The first solution that can manage scales from various manufacturers in parallel, without having to provide and maintain data for several different solutions.
GK/Retail Business Suite Integration
  • Proven end-to-end communication channels of the GK/Retail Business Suite enable real-time connection to your central ERP system (such as SAP).
  • Simplifies the process of providing and clearing master and transaction data
  • Allows central maintenance of prices, promotions, and parameters for scales and cash registers
  • Enables integration of digital signage concepts, such as customer monitors on scales, cash registers and other multimedia devices
Easy Management
  • Supports changing the scales during the sale and, as is necessary, all processes on the scale, such as pre-packing or inventory.
  • Now available as a fully managed cloud service through the GK/Retail cloud4retail platform