GK/Retail leaves nothing to be desired at the point of sale. No matter which device you use, which processes are involved and which services you want to offer to shoppers, GK/Retail gives you a world of standard solutions which feature the latest technology and cover the widest range of functionalities. Ensure that you meet all your customers’ needs by implementing the industry’s number one solution for all point-of-sale processes.

The market-leading world of GK/Retail point-of-sale solutions comprises front-end applications for all manner of checkout systems – from classic touch, display or two-digit code systems through mobile POS options for tablets, smartphones and self-checkout right up to checkouts on scales.

These solutions also include back-office applications in their many different forms – from classic in-store applications up to remotely located cloud-based ones – for central management and monitoring of large and even international store networks. And GK/Retail does not only enable you to manage the GK solutions in your stores; thanks to Store Device Control, you have uniform access to you entire store infrastructure companywide and are able to monitor all devices, even those from different suppliers.

The product offering for POS is completed by central solutions for all processes related to loyalty, promotions and digital signage. These solutions guarantee that retailers take an integral approach to communicating with their customers, even in complex omni-channel situations.

Accept no compromises at the point of sale. Opt for open and future-proof solutions for any type of POS system.