The GK/Retail Enterprise Store Manager makes it easy to manage your entire store network, both nationally and internationally, from the head office.

The platform centralizes the configuration of processes and benchmarks for all store-level operations, support services and customized workflows.

Straightforward support for complex branch networks

The GK/Retail Enterprise Store Manager allows even the largest international store networks to thoroughly manage all basic data and parameters from enterprise systems and supply them to the branch-level. It also:

  • Monitors and automates any technical process relating to your store-level operating systems, including those generated outside of your ERP
  • Handles the management of the technical infrastructure
  • Manages all the parameters and monitors the company's technical operating systems (Heartbeat)
  • Enables rapid action in the case of any technical problems
  • Integrates with third-party systems with appropriate interfaces


One particular highlight of the GK/Retail Enterprise Store Manager is its automatic, centralized deployment feature. This highly efficient system for distributing software to the branches enables you to automatically complete updates at the push of a button while maintaining complete control over the entire store network and all of its systems. The ‘Jobs’ function rolls out all programmed settings as scheduled, and you can even trial new settings on test systems before deployment. All changes are recorded and can be viewed at any time in the 'Job History'.