The GK/Retail Lean Store Server makes it easy to centralize and scale all back-office servers through one intuitive platform. It reduces the data management and process workflow stress on individual teams and eliminates the need for expensive IT equipment.

However, because all applications still operate exactly the same in the store, there is no disruption for store-level employees and you can still provide the excellent customer service your shoppers expect.

Key Benefits:

The GK/Retail Lean Store Server centralized environment enables your retail company's head office to use unlimited high-performance servers and databases to provide back-office services and manage store-level data efficiently across the enterprise. You will benefit from:

  • Cost savings: Reduced complexity generates tremendous cost-saving opportunities, particularly in terms of maintenance, administration and service.
  • Simplified maintenance: Managing all services and databases on one platform means more straightforward backup and deployment concepts.
  • Easy Growth: Simplified IT set-up, management, scalability and automatic upgrades ultimately mean business growth and technology capability evolve in tandem.
  • GK/Retail Business Continuity Technology: Guaranteed performance in case of problems with network availability ensures uninterrupted access to high-quality data and the automatic continuation of all ongoing processes as soon as the connection between the branch and the head office has been restored.