GK/Retail Store Device Control is a standard solution for the management of all store peripherals. The solution functions as a single interface between your ERP system and stores and ensures that all connected subsystems are automatically supplied with the correct data (such as prices and promotions) at the right time.

With GK/Retail Store Device Control, all relevant data generated in the store is simultaneously transmitted to the central systems in real time through standardized peripheral heads. Open interfaces provide for easy integration of various suppliers and ensures seamless communication between all subsystems involved at the checkout (such as redeeming scale/bottle deposit vouchers) via the store hub.

The granular set of rules in StoreWeaver EE ensures that data changes take place in the logical order and the steps have been successfully completed before the next is initiated – such as setting new prices on scales, electronic shelf labels (ESLs), digital signage and POS.

The store securely within grasp

GK/Retail Enterprise Store Manager operates within the Store Device Control solution as the central component for technical management of the various store systems. The Enterprise Store Manager also maintains all information and data for those not provided by a retailer’s central SAP system.

Not only does the market-leading solution take on the parametrization of peripheral systems, but it also provides them with fully-automatic software updates using the integrated deployment engine. This makes it possible to replace numerous technology and process islands with a uniform server-based infrastructure, reducing costs and service expenses over the long term.

Heartbeat under control

GK/Retail Enterprise Cockpit is the central solution for real-time monitoring of the entire store IT system within Enterprise Store Control. Based on standardized monitoring protocols like JMX (Java Management Extensions), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and defined events, the Enterprise Cockpit provides an overview of the entire system landscape, making comprehensive and accurate real-time information about the technical heartbeat in the stores available at any time.