GK/Retail Self-Checkout is an optional GK/Retail POS solution that allows the deployment of self-explanatory, self-guided scanning and payment process across a variety of models – including pure self-checkout models and conventional counter scales (POS).

Store staff can monitor transactions and intervene to provide immediate customer support – such as the authorization for age-restricted item sales. They can manage these tasks through an iOS-based control cockpit on an iPod or iPhone, an authorization card or designated PIN code.


GK/Retail Self-Checkout is fully integrated into the GK/Retail background systems and can be used on any hardware combinations that a retailer chooses. This eliminates the costs associated with purchasing conventional self-checkout hardware and integrating it into the existing IT landscape.

GK/Retail Self-Checkout allows the use of standard hardware corresponding to the requirements of each store type and offers the same processes as the stationary POS.