The GK/Retail Stored Value Server securely manages all vouchers that are issued company-wide – regardless of format, channel or location.
It takes care of the online validation of all voucher transactions at the POS in real time, thus preventing any fraudulent activity or handling errors.

Centralized voucher database

The GK/Retail Stored Value Server represents a centralized voucher database which contains information about all vouchers issued throughout the entire retail organization.

This can be accessed remotely by any number of POS systems across any geography or by external systems such as ecommerce stores, providing information in real time via a web-based service. Even if the system is offline, built-in mechanisms guarantee that you can still issue and redeem vouchers at all times.

Gift cards

The GK/Retail Stored Value Server also handles all processes associated with electronic gift cards – including accounting – without requiring any additional software solutions.

When integrated with GK/Retail POS, this solution enables the complete management of all gift-card-related activities, including sale and redemption at the POS, card top-ups, and status requests.

Centralized management tool

The GK/Retail Stored Value Server's browser-based graphic user interface (GUI) enables authorized users to perform monitoring and management tasks at any time. Such tasks include verifying vouchers, running reports or correcting the status of gift cards, among many others.

Interfaces for external systems

The intuitive GK/Retail Stored Value Server interfaces enable you to integrate data from external systems, such as gift-card suppliers or card manufacturers, quickly and easily using standard electronic data interchange (EDI) formats.

The GK/Retail Stored Value Server is able to communicate with any other connected end systems through web-based services. This allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform into the multi-channel gift-card acceptance process, validating gift cards through the same centralized, web-based services your POS systems use.