The flexible, configurable solution for secure payment processing

GK/Retail TransAction+ is a leading payment processing application for North America that integrates a variety of point-of-sale systems to a wide variety of payment authorization providers.

The GK Software family of certified solutions gives companies the tools they need to integrate their payment processes into one easy, secure and highly flexible system with enhanced payment optimization capabilities. TransAction+ delivers outstanding value, which is why leading retailers and restaurants run their businesses on TransAction+.

  • Flexible and highly configurable, supporting both payments and non-payments interactions at the customer-facing device.

  • Support for more than 40 payment processors, including virtually all of the major payment providers and a growing number of other options

  • Accepts debit, PINless debit, credit, EBT, eWIC, private label credit, branded and private label gift cards, gift certificates, loyalty and checks

  • Payment Optimization automatically processes transactions using the most cost-effective method for each payment type

  • Provides networking flexibility and resilience by supporting dial, dial backup, internet, TCP/IP and WAN payment authorization and settlement

  • Secure and reliable, with certification for PA-DSS and PABP, and support for End to End Encryption (E2EE) and EMV

  • Continually updated and enhanced to support security, processor and card brand mandates as a part of standard product maintenance

  • Backed by a reputable, responsive, service-oriented business.


Most importantly, GK/Retail TransAction+ takes care of all your payment processing needs without requiring any additional infrastructure, so there’s nothing standing between your store and the payments processor. Take your payment processes to the next level with the most innovative, hassle-free payment technology available today..