The roll-out of a new store solution is always a large-scale project that often involves several partners from different parts of the retail organization. To ensure overall success and optimum alignment with the specific customer requirements, it is important for our retail specialists to conduct precise analysis of the actual situation. This analysis forms the basis for defining the constraints with respect to modeling the business processes, designing the technical infrastructure, integrating existing or new peripheral devices into the network and more.

GK Software’s highly specialized consultants not only advise you in the initial phase of the project, but also continuously support your project managers during the execution phase.

  • Analyzing actual and intended situations
  • Implementing or changing business processes
  • Hardware sizing
  • Use of third-party solutions (e.g. databases, operating systems, hardware)
  • Defining interfaces
  • Cost analysis
  • System design
  • Planning IT infrastructure
  • Scenario planning