GK Software offers you full service for your entire store IT system from a single source. Not only does our service organization ensure trouble-free operation of the GK/Retail product family solutions, but we also act as your expert contact for all topics related to the hardware, operating systems and third-party solutions you use - including field service.

All levels of service from one source

We offer you the full range of service levels, including the user hotline, second- and third-level service and qualified field service. Our tailor-made offers support you in the exact framework that suits your needs. From the all-inclusive package to support with your own resources, we can customize the service according to your exact needs and the capabilities of your organization with specific service offerings. Our range of services includes:

Hotline (user support)

Our service center is available to you during normal business hours or 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the premium service. Experienced technicians and retail experts accept multilingual error messages and process service tickets.

Second level support

Our second-level support ensures that errors are resolved quickly and downtime of your business-critical systems remain as low as possible. Our experts analyze errors that occur and ensure quick resolution of the issue after the cause is identified. We also coordinate finding solutions with all hardware and software partners involved.

Third level support

Our third-level support is utilized when an error cannot be resolved within the first two levels of service. The third-level support will begin analyzing the problem analysis and developing a proposed solution as soon as possible within the agreed service level agreements and coordination of priorities. The highly-skilled engineers and developers who work in this area have in-depth knowledge of the GK Software and AWEK solution portfolio, operating systems, databases and third-party solutions used.

Field service

In the event that hardware needs to be switched out directly in the store or a problem cannot be solved remotely, our mobile service technicians are ready for you. Spread across the entire country, they can reach every store quickly and resolve errors on site. Our qualified service technicians have extensive expertise in the areas of hardware, network connectivity, operating systems and application software; they are able to service and maintain the full spectrum of solutions used in retail.

Rollouts and engineers on standby

You can rely on the support of our proven service organization during the installation of our solutions in your stores. Our project managers will organize the roll-out 365 days a year and across all international borders. Upon request, we provide you support with standby personnel who will support you during the first days or weeks after the introduction of new solutions. Prior to the roll-out, we test all hardware and software that will be used for you and support your project teams effectively in the introduction of new solutions and technologies.

Training & education

Training of personnel is one of the most important tasks when introducing new solutions. GK Software also offers diverse and professional support in this area. We support you using staff training, train-the-trainer sessions, system documentation and manuals and more.