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GK Software Launches Omnibasket, Allowing Solution Providers to Easily Integrate Their Applications With GK’s cloud4retail

New Developers Portal and Innovator Partners Program are now publicly available for innovation partners to integrate into GK ́s cloud4retail  

What if a POS could operate more like a smartphone, allowing retailers to easily add new third-party capabilities and tools as their needs evolve? That’s the concept behind GK Software’s new Omnibasket Developers Portal and Innovator Partners Program, announced today. Now third-party solution providers can easily integrate their applications with GK’s cloud4retail commerce platform, used by leading retailers worldwide. 

 With the Omnibasket Developers Portal, GK’s platform now becomes the hub of a growing ecosystem made up of applications that can extend GK’s core cloud4retail capabilities. This gives retailers unprecedented flexibility by enabling them to choose from a growing number of solutions that complement GK. 

Third-party developers can use the platform’s web services through APIs to utilize basket capabilities, promotions, transaction handling, and more, even in nontraditional touchpoints such as cars, IoT devices and various mobile apps. Developers can also use simple JavaScript to plug-in web apps such as clienteling, time and attendance, and rich item content (e.g. an augmented reality "try me on" cosmetics app) to the POS, assistants' mobile POS, or a kiosk. 

The portal provides documentation and other developer resources, with simple registration access to a sandbox environment. These are publicly available and can be found at www.omnibasket.com. In addition to Omnibasket, GK also introduced an Innovator Partners Program, which allows a swift transition from discovery to commercial availability, helping partners to control their own success and all parties to benefit from the outcomes. 

“The GK Software Omnibasket developer portal and Innovators program are a revolutionary approach,” said Simon Butler, CEO of Abacus Lottery Everywhere, an early adopter of the new portal and program. Abacus is the gateway of choice to connect consumers, retailers and lotteries in the global market. “This could help enable solution providers to offer retailers significant benefits with very little effort and time to market, integrating into their existing platform.” 

“This is an exciting and innovative opportunity for us, allowing retailers to sell lottery games through their existing POS platforms without having to install dedicated lottery terminals,” he continued. “This integrated approach could enable every retail touchpoint to sell lottery, helping increase the retailer basket size and offer greater consumer convenience."