30.09.2020 | Schöneck, Germany
4 min read

GK Software reaches an important milestone in its cloud strategy - certification achieved for Fiskal Cloud

DF Deutsche Fiskal GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GK Software SE, has obtained certification from the BSI (the Federal Office for Information Security) for the cloud solution that it has jointly developed with D-Trust GmbH, a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei GmbH; this is designed to implement the German Cash Register Security Order.

  • First BSI certified SaaS solution for fiscalisation in Germany
  • Cloud solution for strictly regulated sectors with extremely high safety and performance requirements

Fiskal Cloud, which is being exclusively offered in the form of software as a service (SaaS), is therefore the first officially authorised, purely cloud software designed to handle the fiscal requirements in Germany. The solution, which has been completely developed from scratch, provides strong evidence that the GK Group and its partners are in a position to introduce cloud solutions for strictly regulated sectors with very stringent security requirements. German fiscalisation with its meticulous requirements is just one field of application for this.

Nearly all of the GK Group’s customers have opted to purchase Fiskal Cloud. They are joined by other well-known market leaders, large and medium-sized traders from a wide variety of sectors as well as numerous partners who are using the system to fiscalise their own till and recording systems. Deutsche Fiskal has been able to acquire a significant market share from a standing start. This clearly indicates the demand for a reliable cloud solution for fiscalisation, which has been completely developed and hosted in Germany, so that companies do not have to rely on hardware-based concepts with medium-term and long-term costs that are hard to estimate.

Fiskal Cloud marks another milestone for the consistent implementation of the cloud strategy at GK Software. The core element of this is the cloud4retail platform, which is being continuously developed and expanded as the technical foundation for the cloud services. On the basis of this platform, it is now possible to use almost the complete portfolio provided by GK software in a cloud. The services and interfaces are also designed in such a way that they support other architecture scenarios. As a result, GK Software can offer its customers the choice of how quickly and to what degree they wish to pursue this path when making the transition to cloud services. At the same time, the system retains the retail trade’s indispensable capacity to make individual adjustments to the fullest extent. When developing the cloud4retail platform, great emphasis was always placed on the issue of developing expansion and adjustment opportunities. The multi-stage expansion concept, for example, includes app enablement, which has been developed in-house by GK, or extensive documented interfaces. This lays the foundation for ensuring that customers or third parties can develop, test and roll out their own solutions quickly and without any intervention in the standard product. Thanks to Fiskal Cloud, GK has now provided the evidence in a different field that it is able to successfully bring cloud solutions on to the market. The AI platform, AIR, the mobile customer solutions on smart phones (MCA) and retail7, the software package for small retailers, are also cloud-based solutions within GK Software's portfolio.